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Sealing Records in Framingham, Massachusetts

Your criminal record is public and can be viewed by everyone - employers, friends, family, etc. If you do not seal or expunge your criminal record, it can hang over your head indefinitely. Even when charges are dismissed many organizations still have access to the fact that you were charged. This record will not clear itself on it own. You must take proactive steps to clear your good name. There are numerous reasons it is important to seal your criminal record.

A criminal record can:
  • disqualify you from living in housing that may require background checks,
  • disqualify you from becoming employed with certain companies,
  • hurt your chances to get in to college, and
  • keep you form getting certain professional licenses.
The good news is that, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to seal your criminal record. If possible, it is almost always prudent to have your record sealed. Upon having your record sealed, most employers, landlords, and others who run a background check on you will find your record “clean.” In addition, you are legally allowed to tell all potential employers that you have never been charged or arrested.

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