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School Expulsion or Suspension in Framingham, Massachusetts

Getting expelled or suspended from school can have serious long-term consequences on you or your child’s future. If you, or your son or daughter, is facing or has faced any type of school disciplinary action, you are prudent to retain Bentley Law Group to help fight the claims.

Bentley Law Group will speak to the members of the school board to gain an understanding of the rules you are being accused of violating, and will obtain the guidelines for defending against the initial charges and filing appeals. In addition, our firm will review the student handbook to make sure the school honors their own contract with their students. Not only that, in public school settings, we will make sure the school does not violate your constitutional rights. It is important to be fully prepared and attend the procedural hearings, to ensure the school follows all the safeguards in place. With Bentley Law Group by your side, you will have a skilled, sympathetic lawyer to protect your rights; one who will vehemently and articulately state your case.
Do not take the chance of a negative result by handling your defense alone. Without representation, it can be one of the most upsetting experiences of your life. Your chances for college, graduate school, and future employment may be in jeopardy. Protect you or your child’s future today by calling Bentley Law Group. The risk is too great not to at least get a free consultation.

Don't hesitate to contact our attorney in Framingham, Massachusetts when your child was expelled or suspended.