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Probation Violations Attorney in Framingham, Massachusetts

Drug Possession — Criminal Law in Framingham, MA
Probation is the releasing of someone who is convicted of a criminal offense into the general public but under the supervision of a probation officer. When you are placed on probation, it is mandatory to comply with the terms of your probation agreement. In most instances, there is standard probation terms which require you to report regularly to your probation officer, pay a probation fee, submit to drug testing, and obey general laws. Often times your probation contract will contain specific conditions like attending certain drug counseling, or write a letter of apology. It is important to comply with every term of your probation contract in order to avoid arrest and other potential penalties.
If you fail to comply with the terms of your probation, you can be charged with a probation violation. After you are formally charged the judge schedules a probation violation hearing and considers further punishment or, in extreme cases, imprisonment. At Bentley Law Group, we will assist you by representing you in court at this hearing. We will strive to get you the best possible outcome, whether or not you violated your probation or were wrongly accused. Many times this involves working with your probation office to get you the best outcome possible, which is to ultimately resolve you from your probation violation, with conditions that best serve your interests.

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