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Prenuptial Agreements in Framingham, Massachusetts

Father with Little Daughter — Child Custody Attorney in Framingham, MA
Prenuptial agreements, or “Prenups” as they are commonly referred to, are not just for the ultra-rich or elite. You don't have to be Britney Spears to benefit from a premarital agreement. In fact, a person who has managed to save $25,000 may have more incentive to protect their savings than someone who has millions of dollars.

The prenuptial agreement helps to define a couple’s property rights before the marriage. Without this agreement, in the event of a divorce state law will establish each party’s financial rights and obligations, and a surviving spouse’s property interest in a deceased spouse’s estate. For some, defining each spouse’s property rights prior to entering a marriage is preferred to leaving such determinations up to the courts later.
In addition to defining property rights, a couple just starting out can also put in writing the expectations of each as far as behavior during the marriage. For example, you can draft the financial consequences for a spouse who is found to have cheated on the other spouse. These forms of protections can help couples prepare for any situation they may worry about before entering into the marriage.

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