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Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle/Reckless Driving in Framingham, Massachusetts

A charge of negligent operation in Massachusetts involves far more than a simple ticket. In negligent operation cases, the police claim you drove a motor vehicle in a way that endangered lives and the safety of the public. Fundamentally, any deviation from the standard of flawless driving could result in a negligent operation charge.

Criminal misdemeanor charges for negligent operation or reckless driving could possibly lead to up to 2 ½ years in state jail plus large fees and fines. In addition, if the case ends with a conviction, the charge could result in a sixty-day loss of license. However, in many cases a skilled defense attorney can resolve the case short of an admission of guilt on your part. In many instances, the case can be resolved with a payment of court costs, pretrial probation or completion of a driver’s education program. Do not make the mistake of not taking these cases seriously. Negligent operation or reckless driving charges should be handled with the assistance of a local Massachusetts defense attorney. Call Bentley Law Group today at 508-655-4546 for a free consultation.

Accused of reckless driving or was negligent operating a vehicle, contact our attorney today in Framingham, Massachusetts.