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Modifications Attorney in Framingham, Massachusetts

Father with Little Daughter — Child Custody Attorney in Framingham, MA
Agreements relating to Divorce, or Custody issues many times will need updating. If there has been a change in your life’s circumstances, you can file a Complaint for Modification or a Motion for Reconsideration, or attempt to set aside a previous verdict.

Attorney William “Blake” Bentley, of Bentley Law Group handles a wide variety of Modification cases involving a change in parenting plan, child support, and alimony. He works with all sorts of clients – from clients of low income, middle class to those with very high incomes and assets. He can help tailor a legal solution for any need or any change in circumstance.
The manner in which to facilitate a change in your previous divorce, custody or child support agreement is dependent on the status of your case, and the change in circumstances presented to Attorney Bentley. In some cases, you may only need to file a motion. In other cases, you may need to file a complaint starting the case towards a possible trial.

Let Attorney Bentley evaluate the circumstances that may call for a change of your current Court Order or existing Decree of Divorce. He understands the methods which should be used to effect the modification in your particular court. Call today to get a free consultation at (508)-655-4546 or email him directly at

To help come to to an agreement during a divorce, let our expert attorneys in Framingham, Massachusetts assist.