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Landlord/ Tennant Law

Bentley Law Group is dedicated to protecting the rights of Landlords. The Laws in Massachusetts are technical and problematic for unrepresented Landlords to navigate. In Massachusetts, evictions are called “summary process.” The term “summary” is meant to mean “just, speedy, and inexpensive.” In practice, however, residential summary process can be anything but that. In actuality, Massachusetts is one of the most tenant friendly states in the country, and an eviction can be costly, exasperating and biased to landlords. In many cases, the tenant will not be ordered to move out until months after the eviction process has begun. Bentley Law Group is experienced with all of the methods employed by tenants to stall eviction. We will strongly pursue the landlord’s right to regain possession of their rental property.
We Specialize in:
  • Breach of Lease
  • Lease Review
  • Tenant breaches of city ordinance
  • Non-Payment/ Late Payment of rent
  • 30-Day Notice to Quit
  • Draft of new Leases
  • Squatter
Landlord-Tenant Law — Law Group in Framingham, MA

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