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"Blake knows how to focus on the priorities, and keeps things moving forward. He understands how difficult the ending of a marriage is, and how to prepare for life post-marriage with kids." -Tiffany H., Natick MA

Uncontested Divorce ...

In Massachusetts, a married couple can file for an uncontested divorce if both parties are in agreement as to the division of:

. Marital assets
. Spousal maintenance
. All child custody issues

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all financial and divorce related issues without the court's help, Bentley Law Group's flat-fee uncontested divorce package is all that's necessary to handle your Massachusetts divorce.

Upon retention of Bentley Law Group to file your uncontested divorce, he will draft a separation agreement that is consistent with Massachusetts law that addresses at the minimum alimony (spousal support), division of martial property, assets, and debt. For those with children, the separation agreement will address child support, child custody, and include a parenting plan.

You wont often hear this from many law firms, but a divorce does not have to be expensive. At Bentley Law Group LLC, we offer flat-fee divorce services that can help prevent expensive litigation while also receiving the information from a licensed attorney you will need to end your marriage fairly.

Depending on the level of disagreement and your family’s financial situation, we offer legal services to fit your need. This is possible with our flexible flat rate packages, in which we provide clients with a mix of services based on compromise, assistance, mediation and group effort.

To learn more about our affordable divorce options, including our flat-fee divorce program, contact Attorney Bentley at 508-655-4546 for a free consultation. He will explain how you can save time and money during the divorce process.

Contested Divorce ...

A divorce is contested if you and your spouse arenot in agreement on one or more issues relative to your case:

. Marital asset division
. Spousal maintenance
. All child custody issues

How is this different than an uncontested divorce?

The divorcing parties are unsettled on all matters incident to divorce. For this reason, contested divorce proceedings take much more time due to the fact that a Judge must resolve any major disagreements of the parties. The attorneys in a contested divorce spend time preparing for trial, and in pre-trial hearings. The costs can vary widely depending upon which law firm you choose.

In all cases, Attorney Bentley encourages his clients to work out settlements that will be beneficial to their interests. We offer a number of alternative dispute resolution techniques, including collaborative law and mediation. But, there are times when settlements cannot be reached, and we are prepared to go to court to protect you.

In most cases, the parties find a way to resolve their issues before going to trial. Our firm strives to help our clients avoid the high costs of divorce litigation whenever possible.

If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on issues pertaining to your divorce, please contact the Bentley Law Group. Our firm will help you devise a strategy to find a middle ground.

For assistance with divorce, contact our office today in Framingham, Massachusetts.