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Child Custody Attorney in Framingham, Massachusetts

Father with Little Daughter — Child Custody Attorney in Framingham, MA
In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Child Custody and Visitation will be determined by the best interest of the child standard. At Bentley Law Group, Attorney William “Blake” Bentley knows how to effectively navigate the family court system to resolve custody issues facing his clients. Attorney Bentley's assistance has helped clients obtain their best possible outcome in many cases involving difficult custody issues. Whether you are looking to increase visitation, stop an opposing parent from removing a child from the state, or to change a current parenting plan Bentley Law Group can help.
Attorney Bentley understands that your children mean the world to you. Dealing with the onerous decisions of custody and visitation can become overwhelming and many times complex. The legal system is confusing to parents facing difficult custody battles. How to get a case started or defend yourself against a Complaint for Custody can be a daunting task, to those who lack familiarity with the court system in Massachusetts. With something as important as time with your children on the line, a parent is wise to seek legal advice. These Court Orders could have a long-term impact on the emotional and physical well-being of your children. Bentley Law Group understands these issues, and takes them seriously.
In addition, Child custody agreements must evolve in proportion to the current family's needs. As your family dynamic change, so too should the custody order. If you or your child has experienced a material change in circumstances, you may be able to petition for a child custody modification. At Bentley Law Group we can handle all child custody situations.
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