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Attorney Support in Framingham, Massachusetts


If your former spouse

  • Has not paid child support
  • Has not paid spousal support
  • Is not following a court-ordered visitation schedule


Mother and Daughter Looking Out Window — Guardianship in Framingham, MA
There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to file for contempt of a court order. Bentley Law Group specializes in filing for contempt: if your former spouse has not paid child support, spousal support, or if he or she is not following a court-ordered visitation schedule. If your former spouse is out of compliance, the Massachusetts Family and Probate Judge has the authority to incarcerate the defendant until the defendant becomes compliant with the court order. In many instances, the judge may also give the defendant a fixed amount of time to become compliant, and set a short review date to closely follow the defendant's attempts to comply with the order of the court. In addition, you should be aware that attorney fees can be awarded to you if the court finds the defendant guilty of contempt.
In order to determine if the opposing party is in contempt we will go through a preliminary process to evaluate the case and search for available remedies. First, we will conduct a free evaluation with you to determine what court order was violated. Then, we will review the agreement to determine liability of the opposing party. After liability is determined, we will reach out to the opposing party to verify why they are not in compliance with the Massachusetts Family Court's order. In some instances, the party not in compliance will quickly get into compliance. However, most of the time, the other party will not fall into compliance so easily, and Bentley Law Group will file for contempt with the Family and Probate Court in which you were divorced.
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