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Clerk Magistrate Hearing in Framingham, Massachusetts

Man On Court Room — Criminal Attorney in Framingham, MA
In many misdemeanor cases in Massachusetts, if the police desire to charge you for a crime that was allegedly committed outside their presence, they must apply for a complaint at the district or municipal court level. At that point, you are entitled to a hearing in front of a clerk magistrate. The purpose of such a hearing is for the clerk magistrate to examine the particulars surrounding the case and decide if there is probable cause to issue a criminal complaint. It is important to understand that if the complaint is issued against you, that the charges will appear on your criminal record. On the other hand, if the clerk does not issue the complaint, the case is dismissed, and charges will not appear on your record.
At Bentley Law Group we represent clients facing any multitude of charges at a clerk's hearing. If you hire us for a clerk's hearing, our attorneys will assess your case, interview any witnesses, and prepare arguments to convince the clerk magistrate to dismiss the complaint against you. Depending on your criminal record and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, Attorney Bentley may be able to get in touch with an officer or suspected victim and convince him or her to recommend that the charges against you be dismissed. We understand how to effectively persuade the court in order to prevent charges from issuing against our clients.
Please do not try to represent yourself in these proceeding. Your clean record or possibility of getting the charges dropped, are on the line. If you're facing charges for noise violations, shoplifting, drug possession, or other misdemeanor charges, Bentley Law Group can help you prepare for the hearing. We can also take steps intended to persuade the magistrate to decrease or dismiss the charges against you. You owe it to yourself to be in the best possible position to obtain a positive result. You can do that by contacting Bentley Law Group now.

For additional information on how we can help with clerk magistrate hearings, contact our office in Framingham, Massachusetts.